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Monthly luncheon meetings are open to the public and include guest speakers of interest to the general business community. These meetings offer opportunities for networking and meeting other consultants. They are held on the 2nd Friday of each month at Wolferts Roost Country Club, and the cost is $25 for guests and $20 for members. Please register online (below) at least 48 hours before the event; late registrations add $5.

Members-only meetings are also held monthly, with the schedule announced below. These meetings feature a “Member Spotlight”, which provides a member with an opportunity to familiarize attendees with his or her business or a special project of particular interest. The remainder of the agenda features presentations and discussions focused on business development or skill-building. Occasionally we also discuss Alliance business and ways to improve our organization. Fees for these meetings are the same as for the luncheons.

Cancellations:  Reservations are considered firm unless cancelled 48 hours prior to the program. The Alliance has the right to charge the full amount to registrants who do not cancel.

Upcoming Events

    • 28 Apr 2017
    • 7:30 AM - 9:15 AM
    • Wolferts Roost Country Club, Albany NY

    "Result-based Consulting"

    (Members Only )

    Speaker: Hal Williams, Outcome Guide

    Hal Williams, an Outcome Guide, will define and illustrate eight keys to getting paid for results and differentiating your services and compensation on that basis. Included are tools for using a consulting warranty to prompt result clarity and for moving from deliverables to client use of deliverables in consulting assignments.

    Hal’s first experience with result based consulting was for the Edna McConnell Clark Foundation which was paying for many consultants to help nonprofits and then wondering why so many of the nonprofits still achieved the same results. He is currently working with the Community Foundation of the National Capital Region, Manatee County, Florida, and Seattle (WA) Parks and Recreation on structuring result based contracts for nonprofit consulting.

    Hal Williams is a resource for foundations and nonprofit organizations that seek to define, track, verify, and communicate the results they achieve. His clients, for increasing results, include the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, American Express, Greater Kansas City Community Foundation, and Verizon Foundation. He has worked with over 20 community foundations both small and large nationwide.

    Much of Hal’s career focused on creating and leading The Rensselaerville Institute. The Institute is an internationally respected outcome center known as The Think Tank with Muddy Boots. Hal currently serves as Senior Fellow for The Institute.

    He is lead author of Outcome Funding: a New Approach to Targeted Grantmaking. Now in its 4th edition, the book is widely used in the US and the UK as a framework for allocating and spending money to improve human lives and conditions. Hal co-founded, with his daughter Gillian, a national program called School Turnaround. This year that program includes a turnaround assignment with 20 underachieving schools in St. Louis, MO.

    Hal has served as lead consultant to a U.S. Presidential Commission and consults directly with governors, corporate CEO’s, foundation directors, and other leaders. While an undergrad at Stanford University, he founded that school's FM radio station and served as West Coast Director of the Intercollegiate Broadcasting System. His first job after college was as associate and then program director of The Aspen Institute.


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    For the audio connection, participants can dial in by phone.  Those wishing to connect to audio VoIP will need a fast Internet connection (384kbps or more recommended), a microphone and speakers (a USB headset is recommended).

    You can also log on using your tablet or smartphone.

    Members pay $15; Late Member Registrants pay $20

    Online payment is required. Remote participation is free to Members only.


    • 09 Jun 2017
    • 11:30 AM - 1:30 PM
    • Wolferts Roost Country Club, 120 Van Rensselaer Blvd., Albany NY 12204

    “Business Climate in New York State"


    Speaker: Heather C. Briccetti, Esq., President & CEO of The Business Council of New York State, Inc.

    Heather Briccetti gives her assessment of our state’s business climate. What’s working and what needs to be improved? How are policy changes in Albany and Washington impacting your bottom line? And what can we do to promote changes that will encourage growth and expand economic freedom?

    Heather C. Briccetti, Esq., is the President & CEO of The Business Council of New York State, Inc., the primary, statewide association advocating for New York’s business community. Ms. Briccetti is a dynamic leader, trusted advisor and champion for economic growth, good jobs and strong communities across New York. As a visionary for New York’s economy, she has created a leading voice for business on economic growth, corporate governance, tax policy, labor, manufacturing, campaign finance reform, value creation, and education, among other issues. Ms. Briccetti joined The Business Council in 2007, as vice president of government affairs, overseeing the organization’s legislative and pro-growth agendas. Ms. Briccetti is a nationally recognized leader and a regular speaker at regional and national conferences and holds a Juris Doctor from Albany Law School.

    Ms. Briccetti’s notable career achievements include serving as assistant counsel to the New York State Senate majority, as a legislative aide and counsel to the New York State Assembly majority committee on Racing and Wagering, and special counsel in the New York State Attorney General’s office. She also founded a private law practice, Sweeney & Wollowitz, and served as the chief public defender for Rensselaer County, earlier in her career.

    Members pay $20; Late Member Registrants pay $25

    Non-Members pay $30
    Late Non-Member Registrants pay $35

    Online payment is required.

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Past Events

07 Apr 2017 Innovate 518, Expanding our Region’s Technology Commercialization Efforts (1st Friday)
31 Mar 2017 Addressing Client Procrastination (Members Only)
10 Feb 2017 Center for Economic Growth: Accelerating New York’s Capital Region Economy (This program is open to both Consulting Alliance members and non-member consultants.)
08 Dec 2016 Holiday Gathering - Members Only (Plus One)
18 Nov 2016 Cut through Communication Chaos (Members Only)
04 Nov 2016 Speed Networking (1st Friday)
28 Oct 2016 Awkward! How to Not Freak Out When Conversations Get Tough (Members Only)
14 Oct 2016 Cybersecurity Survival Guide for Small Business
23 Sep 2016 Rev Up Your Marketing! A GPS for Consultants (Members Only)
29 Jul 2016 Is it possible to invest in a start-up using your time, not money? Is it wise? (Members Only)
24 Jun 2016 A triple header! Community of Practice, Innovation Tools, Consulting Alliance enhancement! (Members Only)
10 Jun 2016 Growing the Creative Economy – the Troy Innovation Garage
20 May 2016 Building a Business Foundation in the Cloud (Members Only)
06 May 2016 The A, B, C’s of Angel Investing
29 Apr 2016 Wordsmithing Your Distinction (Members Only)
08 Apr 2016 Conducting Business: Maestro David Alan Miller talks about Leadership, Inspiration, Managing Really Smart People, and Keeping Arts Institutions Strong
18 Mar 2016 Breakfast with a Regional Leader - Michael J. Hickey of CEG (Members Only)
11 Mar 2016 Zen Entrepreneurship
26 Feb 2016 Using the Cloud and Safeguarding Your Data (Members Only)
22 Jan 2016 Turn up the Flow in Your Business - Lean Tools for Consultants (Members Only)
08 Jan 2016 Lessons on Creating a Successful Business Through a Winning Culture
10 Dec 2015 Holiday Gathering (Members Only - Plus 1*)
20 Nov 2015 "Innovation Prototyping – Building Innovation Into Your Business" (Members Only)
13 Nov 2015 “David vs. Goliath: Competing Against the Big Guys and Winning”
23 Oct 2015 You want how much for your business?? (Members Only)
09 Oct 2015 Stand Out: How to Attract the Connected Generation and Win the Battle for Attention Online
25 Sep 2015 Breakfast with Michael Fancher, VP Business Development, SUNY Polytechnic (Members Only)
18 Sep 2015 Conscious Communication for Improved Relationships (New Date)
13 Aug 2015 Members Only (Plus One) Summer Social
24 Jul 2015 The Art of Backwards Planning (Members Only)
17 Jul 2015 Opportunities for Service Providers in the Global Marketplace
26 Jun 2015 Breakfast with Mark Eagan, CEO of the Albany Colonie Chamber (Members Only)
12 Jun 2015 Economic Development in Albany with Mayor Kathy M. Sheehan
29 May 2015 Create a Hook with Your Book: A Consultant’s Guide to Publishing (Members Only)
08 May 2015 The Accidental Sales Executive
24 Apr 2015 Learn More About your Consulting Alliance Benefits (Members Only)
16 Apr 2015 Webinar: Using LinkedIn to Build Your Business
10 Apr 2015 Listening 3.0 - Enhancing This Super-skill for Increased Sales and Relationship Building
27 Mar 2015 Planning for What’s Down the Road (Members Only)
13 Mar 2015 Discover the Big Reward in Writing a Little Book for Your Business
10 Mar 2015 Webinar: Being Confident in a Sales Situation
13 Feb 2015 Get Your Piece of the Local Economic Development Pie
27 Jan 2015 Webinar: Time Kills Sales
23 Jan 2015 What to Charge?
09 Jan 2015 Your Memory: How to Easily Transform an Embarrassing Liability
10 Dec 2014 Holiday Gathering
21 Nov 2014 “Thanksgiving Think Tank"
14 Nov 2014 Succeeding by Failing
10 Oct 2014 From Bust to Blockbuster: Business Lessons from the Making of Gone With the Wind
12 Sep 2014 Inspiring Ourselves and Others
08 Aug 2014 Members Only (Plus One) Summer Social
25 Jul 2014 Seeing Your Business from Your Customer’s Perspective
18 Jul 2014 The Art of Saying Yes and Knowing When to Say No
13 Jun 2014 The View from the Business Review
23 May 2014 Get LinkedIn or Get Left Behind
09 May 2014 Difficult Customers – and How I’ve Handled Them
25 Apr 2014 Are You a Reluctant Salesperson?
11 Apr 2014 Writing for the Web
27 Mar 2014 Do You Need Professional Help? Outsourcing 7 Top Tasks
14 Mar 2014 Like. Share. Succeed: The ROI of Social Media and Community Good
28 Feb 2014 DIY or Outsource?
21 Feb 2014 Save the World by Speaking: Lessons from a Ninja Speaker Coach
24 Jan 2014 2014-Developing Y/Our Future
10 Jan 2014 The Power of Body Language
10 Dec 2013 Holiday Gathering
21 Nov 2013 Effective B2B Communication-A Conversation
08 Nov 2013 Brain Business: Use Your Brain for a Change
29 Oct 2013 CA ANNUAL R2R EVENT: Featuring an Interactive Symposium- Innovation Matters, A Creative Exploration
23 Oct 2013 Webinar / Conference Call - The Benefits of Basecamp for Project Management
11 Oct 2013 From Hard Rock to Exceptional Hospitality
24 Sep 2013 Professional and Business Development Breakfast
13 Sep 2013 How I Started My Career as a Serial Entrepreneur
09 Aug 2013 Members Only Summer Casual Networking Event
26 Jul 2013 What is your video message?
12 Jul 2013 How to Stop Killing Good Ideas
28 Jun 2013 Thought Leadership - 140 Characters at a Time
14 Jun 2013 Marketing Made Simple: Let Your Message Be Heard
30 May 2013 Professional and Business Development Luncheon & Insight from R2R Winners
10 May 2013 Scenic Views of Volunteerism: Enhance Your Business Through Compassion
26 Apr 2013 Professional and Business Development Breakfast
12 Apr 2013 Four Speakers and Their Must-Have Business Tools
22 Mar 2013 Partnering with the College of Nanoscale Science & Engineering
08 Mar 2013 Influence Without Arm Twisting
22 Feb 2013 Business Development Opportunities with The Consulting Alliance
15 Feb 2013 Overcoming Obstacles While Growing a Family Business
25 Jan 2013 Members Only - What's in store for 2013?
11 Jan 2013 Promoting You and Your Business!
14 Dec 2012 Holiday Gathering
28 Nov 2012 "Roadmap to Results Roundtable" Event
26 Oct 2012 Bringing it all together: Pooling resources to serve today's Tech Valley
12 Oct 2012 Albany Women Business Leaders Share Their Success Stories
28 Sep 2012 Staying on Message: How to Create Powerful Content
14 Sep 2012 Grow Your Business: Four Exciting Speakers Tell You How
10 Aug 2012 Members Only Summer Casual Networking Event
27 Jul 2012 LinkedIn for the Intermediate or Hardcore
13 Jul 2012 Lessons Learned from a Sales Leader
22 Jun 2012 Sharing How We Go About Generating Business
08 Jun 2012 Achieving Online Success Where The Competition Has Failed
17 May 2012 Tech Talk
11 May 2012 "Turning Life Into a Business"
27 Apr 2012 Networking vs. Relationship Building
13 Apr 2012 "Creating the Capacity for Innovation"
22 Mar 2012 Launching the CA Business Development Initiative
09 Mar 2012 "Our People Make Our Company Great"
24 Feb 2012 Business Ethics
10 Feb 2012 "Success Has a Method"
27 Jan 2012 From Consultant to Acquired and Back: Lessons Learned
13 Jan 2012 "Using the Skills You Have to Build the Business You Want"
18 Nov 2011 Designing the Consulting Alliance’s 20th Anniversary Celebration
11 Nov 2011 "The Leadership Performance: Developing Authentic Strength, Influence and Trust"
28 Oct 2011 Strategic Positioning at the Alliance
14 Oct 2011 "Creativity: The Key to Your Business Success”
23 Sep 2011 New Vision for the Future of the Consulting Alliance
09 Sep 2011 "Ethical Journalism in Challenging Times”
12 Aug 2011 Members Only August Social
22 Jul 2011 Consulting Alliance Comparative Benchmarking Report
08 Jul 2011 "Speed Networking for New Connections”
24 Jun 2011 Is This Still Where We Want to Be Going?
10 Jun 2011 "Hyper-Local Social Media: The Next Frontier”
27 May 2011 Making the Most of Your Web Presence
13 May 2011 "The Truth About Networking”
29 Apr 2011 Simplify SEO & Google Analytics to Get Found, Get Leads, and Get Sales
08 Apr 2011 “Getting Your Website to Complement Your Social Media Efforts”
25 Mar 2011 What Happens when Consulting Alliance Members Collaborate
11 Mar 2011 “More Than Mountains and Lakes: Business Dynamics in the North Country”
11 Feb 2011 "When Generations Collaborate for the Greater Good"
03 Feb 2011 "Why do they do that?"
28 Jan 2011 Creating Your Personal Brand
14 Jan 2011 "Winning Clients: One Businessman's Success Strategies"
19 Nov 2010 Annual Membership and Planning Meeting
12 Nov 2010 "Nursing in the 21st Century"
22 Oct 2010 Round Table Discussion
08 Oct 2010 "Producing the Berkshire Forum"
24 Sep 2010 Tech Talk
10 Sep 2010 "Lessons Learned from Teaching 10,000 Leaders Worldwide"
17 Aug 2010 What’s on Your Phone? Is Your Cell a Friend or Foe?
13 Aug 2010 Members Only August Social
28 Jul 2010 Launching Your Consulting Career: Choosing a Business Type
23 Jul 2010 Members Only Networking Event
28 May 2010 Semi-Annual Consulting Alliance Planning Breakfast
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