Chair - Ray Patterson

Strategic Outreach - Currently Open

Ray Patterson
Bob Warsh
Deborah Ferro Burke

Business Development and Community Outreach

Partnerships - Jerry Shaye, Jim McGuinness

CNSE - Bill Sorel, Alan Krieger, Graham Jones

The Stakeholders - Ray Patterson

Albany Convention and Visitors Bureau - Clare Monteau, Ph.D. 

Southern Saratoga Chamber -  Currently Open 

Speaking Opportunities - Kat Koppett &  Tim Maniccia


Co-Chairs:  Clare Monteau, Ph.D. & Leslie Berliant

Publicity - Clare Monteau, Ph.D.

Social Media - Currently Open

Newsletter - Nancy Reilly

Website - Nancy Reilly & Ray Patterson       


Lunch & Breakfast Chair: Alan Krieger

Bill Polk
David Leibschutz
Diane Cameron

Member Spotlight - Members are chosen at the luncheons




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