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Monthly luncheon meetings are open to the public and include guest speakers of interest to the general business community. These meetings offer opportunities for networking and meeting other consultants. They are held on the 2nd Friday of each month at Wolferts Roost Country Club, and the cost is $25 for guests and $20 for members. Please register online (below) at least 48 hours before the event; late registrations add $5.

Members-only meetings are also held monthly, with the schedule announced below. These meetings feature a “Member Spotlight”, which provides a member with an opportunity to familiarize attendees with his or her business or a special project of particular interest. The remainder of the agenda features presentations and discussions focused on business development or skill-building. Occasionally we also discuss Alliance business and ways to improve our organization. Fees for these meetings are the same as for the luncheons.

Cancellations:  Reservations are considered firm unless cancelled 48 hours prior to the program. The Alliance has the right to charge the full amount to registrants who do not cancel.

Upcoming events

    • 14 Nov 2014
    • 11:30 AM - 1:30 PM
    • Wolferts Roost Country Club, Albany NY

    "Succeeding by Failing"  

    Panel: Robert Braathe of Braathe Enterprises, Lynne Bunnell of Travel Health 101, and James McGuinness of James McGuinness and Associates


    From the movie Apollo 13 we learn that for space missions “failure is not an option.” But when running your own business, failure is often unavoidable. You try new things. Some will work and some will fail. The trick is to learn from failures and adjust future actions.

    Join us as our panelists – all successful entrepreneurs – discuss “Succeeding by Failing.” They’ll share the challenges they faced, detail how and why they failed and explain what they learned that helped them succeed. This promises to be a lively, insightful program.

    You’ll gain the understanding that you are not alone when it comes to failing, and you’ll learn strategies for adapting and becoming even stronger as a result of failing. You’ll be encouraged to share your own stories and to ask questions about tough situations you’re facing today.

    Speaker Bios:

    Robert Braathe is the founder of Braathe Enterprises where he serves as a business trainer and leader of the Virtual Internship Program.  After working in management positions with Walt Disney World, Gap and Apple, Robert founded his company in October 2005 in Connecticut. He has taught courses in hospitality, management, marketing and entrepreneurship at Skidmore College, SUNY Delhi and three area community colleges.

    Lynne Bunnell, RN, is chief executive officer of Travel Health 101 LLC. She has been a travel healthcare provider since the mid-1980s with extensive experience in pre-travel immunizations and counseling. She also consults with organizations regarding travel health concerns of employees who travel internationally. Before establishing Travel Health 101 in 2009, she managed International Health at a major New York City corporation for a decade. Prior to that, she developed and ran a travel clinic for a 250-provider health care organization in Madison, Wisconsin. A graduate of Wellesley College and Massachusetts General Hospital School of Nursing, Lynne is an enthusiastic and knowledgeable educator in the area of travel health care.

    James McGuinness is chairman of James McGuinness & Associates, a firm he founded and for which he previously served as president. The company is a computer consulting firm with 35 years of information systems experience integrating custom software applications into business solutions for clients throughout North America and Europe. The firm’s team of developers works to understand clients’ individual needs and then translates them into efficient, reliable, user friendly applications deployed on a variety of platforms. James holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting from John Carroll University in Ohio and is a graduate of the General Electric (GE) Financial Management Program. 


    Members pay $20; Late Member Registrants pay $25

    Non-Members pay $25
    Late Non-Member Registrants pay $30

    Online payment is required.

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    • 21 Nov 2014
    • 7:30 AM - 9:15 AM
    • Wolferts Roost Country Club, Albany NY

    "What’s really going on here?"
    How to uncover and use hidden organizational forces to get work done

     (Members Only)


    Facilitator: Deborah Ferro Burke, MBA, Ph.D., The Berkshire Institute

    You and your client have agreed to a project that is right in your sweet spot – an IT upgrade, communication training, process improvement, whatever.  You are an expert; you’ve done this successfully dozens of times. But now things seem off kilter. Your work is not taking hold and you are worried that you will fail.

    Learn how to use stories, frameworks and powerful questions to recognize hidden forces that can block progress.

    Debbie Burke will draw on decades of consulting in high-stakes situations, as well as human and organization development scholarship, so you will have strategies that clear the way for your expertise.

    TBA will be featured in our Member Spotlight presentation this month.

    Members pay $15; Late Member Registrants pay $20

    Online payment is required.
    • 10 Dec 2014
    • 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM
    • Fort Orange Club, Albany, NY

    "Holiday Gathering"
    Members Only (Plus One)

    When:  Wednesday, December 10th
    Where: Fort Orange Club
               110 Washington Ave., Albany
    Time:   5:00 pm - 7:00 pm

    Make sure to join us for the Consulting Alliance's holiday-time networking event at this specially-scheduled, members-only (plus one) gathering.

    Spend time with old colleagues, get to know new ones better, all while eating, drinking (cash bar) and being merry.

    Members pay $20; Late Registrants pay $25.  Online payment is required.

    A business dress code including jacket and tie applies, as required by Ft. Orange Club.

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