Board of Directors


Tim Maniccia,  518.465.6017



 The President is responsible for ensuring that the Consulting  Alliance is on course to fulfill its mission. This involves guiding a strategic planning process each year and monitoring progress on annual goals and objectives. The President also works closely with board members to oversee and coordinate their efforts, and facilitates monthly luncheon and breakfast meetings.


Vice President

Bill Phillips,  518.527.1242       




The Vice President steps in if for any reason the President cannot perform his or her duties.  Each year the Vice President appoints a Nominating Committee and leads this committee as they select a slate of individuals to present to the membership as candidates to serve as officers of the Alliance.  The Vice President is an active member of the Board of Directors, heads up selected projects and initiatives, and is also responsible for collaborating with the President to develop a strategic plan for the following year.


Raymond Patterson, 518.857.6500

The Secretary is responsible for keeping minutes of all regular and special meetings of the Alliance and of all meetings of the Executive Board.  The Secretary is also responsible for organizing the periodic selection of a recipient of the James Faughnan award.


James McGuinness, 518.393.3635

The Treasurer is responsible for developing and managing the annual budget and safeguarding the Consulting Alliance's money. The Treasurer prepares quarterly budget reports that are reviewed by the board and oversees the invoicing and collection of member dues meeting fees.







Membership Chair

Ray Patterson, 518.857.6500


The Chairs of the Membership Committee oversees the Membership Committee, which is responsible for member recruitment, engagement, retention and member benefits.

Marketing Co-Chairs

Clare Stevenson Monteau, Ph.D., 518.301.9060

Leslie Berliant, 310.403.1221




Program Chair

Alan Krieger, 518.857.2939


The Program Chair coordinates the development of high quality programs for both members only events and public events. Through the Public Program Chair and other committee members, the Program Chair ensures a quality calendar of events that reflect the mission and vision of The Consulting Alliance.



Professional Development Chair

Tim Maniccia, 518.465.6017 


The Professional Development Chair assists our organization in finding professional project opportunities via monitoring RFP's as well as being a good resource for suggestions on ways we can improve our professional development as an organization overall.



At-Large Board Member

Michael J. Tommaney, 518.250.4264


The At-Large Board Member attends board meetings and has voting privileges.  The member offers assistance wherever there is a need.







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